2014 SPRING - Visualizing the Value in Big Data


The spring 2015 PRISME Forum Technical Meeting was held Thursday, May 15, 2014 and was hosted by GlaxoSmithKline at its training center in North Mymms, Hatfield, UK.


The meeting was preceded by a networking reception the evening of Wednesday, May 14. 2014.


PRISME Forum Technical Meeting ChairMartin Leach, Biogen Idec 
PRISME Forum Chair: Matteo di Tommaso, Pfizer


Tuesday and Wednesday, the 18th and 19th of November, 2014

Meeting hosted by GlaxoSmithKline



“The great challenge in information visualization is to transform the abstract and intangible into something visible, concrete, and meaningful to the user.”*

The management and analysis of Big Data – or Big BioData – requires new and advanced computer-based technologies to cope with the volume of data, its variety and its velocity of change. New technologies to capture, store and search have been developed and are continually developing in this domain which is currently the centre of much interest and excitement. Similarly analytical tools have been deployed and are under development. New and improved visualisation approaches are required if insights and learnings from the Big Data environment are to be derived to the end-user community. This PRISME Forum Technical Meeting will build on the knowledge developed at its Technical Meetings addressing “Big Data” (Spring 2013) and “Real World Evidence” (Fall 2013). The technical meeting will look at the opportunities to gain biopharma insight using BigData and visualization technologies.  Such insight is essential to speed up the rate of innovation and reduce the costs of developing new and cost-effective therapies for unmet medical needs. Analysis and visualization technologies are rapidly evolving to gain insight from large and complex data sets and the technologies are also evolving to provide more rapid real-time use of information. Furthermore, the open-source and academic community are very active in the Big Data paradigm. The PRISME Forum has invited Martin Leach (VP R&D IT, Biogen Idec) to lead the Technical Meeting scientific advisory committee on which Dan Chapman (Leader Software Development & Architecture, UCB), David Sedlock (Sr. Director, R&D Systems, Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA), and John Apathy (VP, R&D Informatics, Celgene) have all very kindly agreed to serve. The Scientific Advisory Committee will be looking for qualified speakers for this Spring 2014 PRISME Forum Technical Meeting to address some or all of the following topics:

  • Visualization
  • Other initiatives and how they are tackling Big Data e.g. IMI Projects, Allotrope Foundation
  • Pre-competitive opportunities for data access & data analysis
  • Organizational constructs that Pharma are putting in place to support Big Data


*Mapping Scientific Frontiers: The Quest for Knowledge Visualization. Chaomei Chen, Springer-Verlag January 2003

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