2014 FALL – Collaboration: Types, Technologies and Content


The fall 2014 PRISME Forum Technical Meeting was held Thursday, November 20, 2014 and was hosted by Amgen at its campus in Thousand Oaks, CA, USA.


The meeting was preceded by a networking reception the evening of Wednesday, November 19, 2014.


PRISME Forum Technical Meeting Chair: M. Hall Gregg, Amgen 
PRISME Forum Chair: Matteo di Tommaso, Pfizer


Tuesday and Wednesday, the 18th and 19th of November, 2014

Meeting hosted by Amgen


Pharma R&D is becoming more networked as the pharmaceutical industry evolves to meet the challenges of loss of exclusivity and increased pressure to deliver medicines to serve unmet medical need at lower cost and more quickly. The externalization of R&D requires greater collaboration with many partners including academia, contract research organizations, medical centers, payers, providers, and indeed with each other; furthermore, this extends and can compete with existing internal collaboration needs. In parallel, cybersecurity is growing as an issue. Cybersecurity requires more than ever a focused approach to protecting intellectual property. Privacy regulations, to protect personal information, also create regulatory compliance responsibilities and constraints as to how, why, where and when data can be used and managed.

This increased need to collaborate in a networked, externalized environment requires IT solutions that enable virtual teams and facilitate the sharing of data while protecting intellectual property and data privacy. Some of the key points to be addressed are summarized below.

  1. Systems and processes that inter-connect with external partners are essential for real-time use of data and scientific decision making
  2. Scientific information systems must be able intentionally to silo data to support a rapidly changing set of intellectual property rights from acquisitions, collaborations and divestitures
  3. Collaboration technologies to enable virtual teams, increase effectiveness of R&D project teams and reduce travel cost and time are rapidly evolving
  4. Security solutions that enable collaboration while protecting against service disruption and loss of intellectual property are essential
  5. Privacy and other regulatory responsibilities create a complex set of compliance obligations – which vary across different geographies – that must be well understood and facilitated by IT.
  6. How do we use technology to find collaborators as well as to create, enhance, facilitate collaboration?
First Name Last Name Position/Title Company/Organization
Ingrid Akerblom Executive Director Information Systems Amgen Inc
Rob Albert Collaboration Specialist AstraZeneca
John Apathy Vice President Celgene Corporation
Narges Baniasadi CEO Bina Technologies
Sharon Barr CTO Bina Technologies
Dermot BarryWalsh Executive Director, Preclinical Devel. & Biologics IT Merck & Co., Inc.
Alastair Binnie V.P. Research Information Technology and Automation Bristol-Myers Squibb
Sandra Bush Director Knowledge Management Amgen
Dan Chapman AD Discovery Research Information Management UCB
Shubha Chaudhari Vice President Development Informatics Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Stephen Cleaver Executive Director/Global Head Informatics Systems Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, INC.
Tom Crabbe Director External Discovery Solutions UCB
Matteo diTommaso Vice President, Research Business Technology Pfizer
Joel Ekstrom VP / Global Head R&D IT Daiichi-Sankyo
Brian Ellerman Head, Technology Scouting and Information Science Innovation Sanofi
Martin Erkens Head Informatics, pRED, Roche Innovation Center Basel F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG
Steven Frederick Head, Enterprise IT Moderna Therapeutics
Andreas Friese Director Research-IT Bayer HealthCare AG
Olivier Gien Global Head, R&D Health Information Technologies Sanofi
Jordin Green Marketing Lead, Healthcare and Life Sciences Amazon Web Services
Hall Gregg Vice President, R&D Informatics Amgen
Frances Grote Senior Director, Clinical Vendor Management Biogen Idec
Tim Guleri Managing Director Sierra Ventures
Greg Hamilton Enterprise Account Manager Beam
Margaret Keegan SVP, Enterprise Solutions Development Quintiles
Andrea Kirby Program Director Merck
Preben Klavsen Director, Regulator Informatics H. lundbeck A/S
Guenther Kurapkat Director, IS BioPharma R&D Merck KGaA
Martin Leach VP, R&D IT, Data Sciences Biogen Idec
Sebastien Lefebvre Director R&D IT Platforms Biogen Idec
Patrick Loerch Director Merck & Co
Thomas Lønborg-Jensen VP R&D Project Execution Novo Nordisk A/S
Tomoyuki Matsunaga Director, Research Systems Takeda Pharmaceutical
James McGurk Director Diaachi Sankyo
Spencer Mott Vice President Chief Information Security Officer Amgen
James OKeefe Vice President, Life Sciences R&D Paragon Solutions, Inc.
Scott Oloff Head of IT RD&M Enablement Boehringer Ingelheim
Angel Pizarro Technical Business Development Manager Amazon Web Services, Inc.
James Rinaldi Chief Information Officer Jet Propultion Laboratory
Alex Schuleit Senior Business IT Development Manager H. Lundbeck A/S
David Sedlock Head, Global Research IT Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Co.
Jianying Shi Director of R&D IT Ipsen
Linda Smart Sr Director IS/R&D Allergan
Scott Snyder EVP Sample Management Services Evotec AG
Susie Stephens Sr. Director Oncology & West Coast BT Pfizer
Jason Swift UK Head R&D Information AstraZeneca
Ashok Upadhyay Global Head, Life Sciences R&D, Mfg. / SCM Practice HCL Technologies
Nick Wright Head R&D Information AstraZeneca

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