2015 SPRING - Disrupting IT for Biopharma R&D


The spring 2015 PRISME Forum Technical Meeting was held Thursday, May 21, 2015 and was hosted by F. Hoffmann-La Roche at its campus in Kaiseraugst, Switzerland.

The meeting was preceded by a networking reception the evening of Wednesday, the 20th of May.


PRISME Forum Technical Meeting Chair:
Martin Erkens, F. Hoffmann-La Roche 

PRISME Forum Chair:
Olivier Gien, Sanofi



Thursday, May 21, 2015

Meeting hosted by F. Hoffmann-La Roche

Disrupting IT for Biopharma R&D


Pharma R&D is evolving rapidly. Not least, it is seeking to meet the challenges of loss of drug exclusivity and the industry-wide pressure to deliver innovative medicines to serve unmet medical need at lower cost, and more quickly. Furthermore, this must be achieved in compliance within an increasingly demanding and somewhat uncertain regulatory environment.

Imaging technologies, genomics/genetics, the digitization of medical information, the rapid development of sensor technologies and patient-centered approaches are all changing the data inputs into bio-pharma R&D. These different modalities add to an already data-intensive, and data-driven, drug discovery and development process. Bio-pharma R&D IT groups are currently striving to harness the power of this myriad of new developments. The bringing together of these new technologies can - and should - disrupt traditional R&D processes.

Such disruptive R&D IT developments can re-engineer existing infrastructure, streamline business processes, speed up cycle times and importantly advance science. Such disruptive innovation can empower a patient-centred, more efficient approach to bio-pharma R&D and help bring relevant and important new medicines to market.


The agenda for this PRISME Forum Spring 2015 Technical Meeting will focus on case studies in the use of disruptive technologies and the value that they are currently demonstrating or are predicted to have. PRISME Forum members are invited to consider – and indeed supplement - the following questions:

1. How can R&D IT leverage disruptive approaches to improve R&D’s understanding of science and enhance its value to patients?
2. What will the future bio-pharma R&D information ecosystem look like?
3. How can we embrace these technologies quickly while avoiding costly mistakes?
4. How are patients and their patient-care organisations, and physicians along with health-care providers changing the way they collect and leverage their data and what opportunities exist for Pharma companies to be partners in this disruption?

The PRISME Forum Technical Meeting Advisory Committee will be looking for qualified speakers to address relevant topics including:

- Use cases demonstrating how disruptive technologies have enhanced bio-pharma R&D
- The “internet of things” changing capability to monitor processes and systems within R&D labs.
- Mobile sensors and social medial changing our ability to monitor patients, understand disease and responses to drugs – including regulatory impacts (with a focus on the European regulators).
- Disruptive technologies- empowering new services – thereby lowering the barrier to entry to biopharma R&D
- The consumerization of IT challenging R&D IT teams to deliver great user experiences across multiple platforms including the traditional enterprise systems
- Experiences and examples from technology suppliers of disruptive technology-driven innovation that either directly - or by analogy - will provide opportunities for R&D and R&D IT.


PRISME Forum members will be able to identify and define disruptive phenomena (including technologies, services and business models) that can impact R&D in their parent companies and find opportunities to partner to deliver pre-competitive capabilities that increase the effectiveness of R&D.


The PRISME Forum has invited Martin Erkens (Roche) to lead the Technical Meeting Advisory Committee on which the following PRISME Forum members have all very kindly agreed to serve: Ingrid Akerblom (Amgen), Jim McGurk (Daiichi-Sankyo), Martin Leach (Biogen Idec), Preben Klavsen (Lundbeck), John Apathy (Celgene).


Wednesday, May 20, 2015: The PRISME Forum arranges an informal, networking dinner the evening before its Technical Meetings;

Thursday, May 21, 2015: Technical Meeting. Note: There will be an awards ceremony and an informal networking reception at the end of the Technical Meeting.
All sessions will be held at F. Hoffmann-La Roche campus in Kaiseraugst.







Wednesday, May 20, 2015

19:00Joint PRISME Forum Business Group + Tech Group Reception

Thursday, May 21, 2015

7:30Shuttle transfer between hotel and meeting venue
8:00Check-in and poster installation
8:20 Welcome NotesOlivier Gien, Chair, PRISME Forum; Global Head of R&D Health Information Technology, Sanofi
8:25 IntroductionMartin Erkens, Chair, PRISME Forum Tech Meeting; Global Area Head - Research Informatics, Hoffmann-La Roche AG


CHAIR: Martin Erkens, Chair, PRISME Forum Tech Meeting; Global Area Head - Research Informatics, Hoffmann-La Roche AG
8:30Lecture 1: Accelerating Disruption in Pharma R&D Technology and the Influence of Venture Capital Matthew Rich, Partner, PwC
James Golden, Senior Managing Director, PwC
9:00Lecture 2: 3D Printed MicroRobots for NanoMedicineBradley Nelson, Professor, Robotics and Intelligent Systems, ETH Zürich
9:30Lecture 3: Human Brain ProjectRichard Frackowiak, Professor, EPFL
10:00Coffee Break
10:30Panel Discussion – “From Search to Cognition: Are We There Yet?”
MODERATOR: John Apathy, VP, R&D Informatics, Celgene
Alexandre Bilger, CEO, Sinequa
Stefan Geißler, Managing Director, TEMIS Deutschland GmbH
Scott Spangler, Principal Data Scientist, IBM Research,


CHAIR: James McGurk, Senior Director, Global Head, Data Architecture, R&D Informatics, Daiichi-Sankyo
11:30Introduction and Logistics
11:40Poster Session (Four 15 min rotations)
P1: Open Innovation at Bayer

Jamie Showrank, Global IT Innovation Manager, Bayer
P2: Remote Digital Biomarker Monitoring - Bringing a Smartphone-based Diagnostic Test for Parkinson’s Disease Progression into an Interventional Trial
Christian Gossens, Global Head Early Development Workflows, Research & Early Development, F. Hoffmann-La Roche
P3: Wearable Technology and Associated Data Collection Apps in Clinical Trials
Mike Bartlett, Enterprise Architect, Lundbeck
P4: Extending from Personal Wellness – Considerations for Using Wearables in Clinical Trials
Marie McCarty, Director of Product Innovation, ICON PLC
P5: VOS: Virtual On Site Monitoring
Luca Emili, Founder and CEO, Promeditec
P6: Big Data Search & Analytics in Complex Pharma - Data Extracting Relevant and Valuable Information for Pharma Users from Diverse Data Sets
Alexandre Bilger, CEO, Sinequa
Luc Manigot, VP, Global Operations, Sinequa
P7: Will Our Lives Be Improved by Smartphones and Sensors?
Achim Heger, Researcher and Community Organizer, Quantified Self Zürich


CHAIR: James McGurk, Senior Director, Global Head, Data Architecture, R&D Informatics, Daiichi-Sankyo
Poster Session (Remaining three 15 min rotations)


CHAIR: Martin Erkens, Head, pRED Informatics, F. Hoffmann-La Roche
The Next Generation of Games for HealthPhaedra Boinodiris, Global Lead Serious Games and Gamification, IBM
15:00Coffee Break
15:30Data Revolutions, AI and HealthFranz Och, Chief Data Scientist, Human Longevity Inc.


CHAIR: Martin LeachVP, R&D IT, Biogen Idec
Round Table Discussions (with note takers) Chaired by Technical Meeting Advisory Committee Members
17:00Read-out of Round Table Discussions
17:30AWARDSMartin Erkens, ChairPRISME Forum Tech Meeting, Global Area Head - Research Informatics, Hoffmann-La Roche AG

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